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Most people are experiencing difficulty and are concerned about thriving in these challenging times.  Consequently, they are not getting the results they want.  John enjoys the thrill of watching people realize new insights and motivation while laughing and rejuvenating. 


We provide research, tools, and tips that inspire and empower so that you get rapid results.  John is so powerful and effective that your audience will get excited about a road-map to accelerate their success.


With a unique approach for every audience combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, John F. Edwards guarantees a lasting impression.

Whether it is team building, leadership development, customer relationships, or organizational culture change, John uses humor, neuroscience, and expert story-telling to provide inspiration and motivation.

John F. Edwards, CSP:

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Award-Winning International Speaker & Author

We are in a time of rapid change leading to uncertainty and volatility.
John is a thought leader and talent development guru who would be honored to partner with you for your success.

With a strong portfolio of speaking content, John F. Edwards could be the perfect fit for your event. Read below to learn more about what we have to offer.


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Leadership Development

John is a thought leader in the field of leadership and leadership development.  His skills have been in demand all around the globe.

His leadership capabilities were requested by three Governors from New York State.  He has held leadership roles in a number of Fortune 500 companies and served as Chairman of The Board for the US Department Of Justice program in NY.

Keynote Speaking

Have you struggled to keep a team motivated and positive during these rapidly changing and stressful times?  John has in the past as well.  That led him to do extensive research and writing on the principals of human motivation and change. 

Imagine reinvigorating your team to such an extent that they refer to your meeting as the best in their career (see one of our recent testimonials below). 

Executive Coaching

John has been referred to as the coach who coaches other coaches.  He is a gifted leadership coach  who will help you to get rapid results.

A recent client: "He not only had us all at the edge of our seats sharing fresh content, but he also taught us a great deal in one hour! He made such an impression on me that I reached out and asked if he would be willing to coach me...and without hesitation he took me on! John has helped me develop further in my career and guided me through the process of taking a highly visible role within our corporation. Ask John about Lessons Experienced, you will not regret it...this is a lesson that my colleagues still bring up to this day." -Y. Forte, Connecticut, USA



Event planners and meeting professionals want to ensure that their audiences get valuable content coupled with inspiration and insights.  John will do that for you!  He regularly earns the highest reviews at conferences.


"John Edwards is a captivating speaker whose commanding stage presence and inspiring vision makes him a standout in the leadership development field.  ... I had the opportunity to observe first-hand, as John delivered dynamic development sessions designed to keep attendees active and engaged. John Edwards enlightens participants with a healthy dose of humor and expertise.


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