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Join other Fortune 100 companies in welcoming John’s unforgettable humor, leadership and science-based background as a catalyst for change and buzzworthy reviews at your next event.

A sample of our awesome clients

  • Florida Hospital
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Lockheed Martin
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  • Honeywell
  • Microsoft
John Speaking

The “WOW FACTOR” Speaker

Avoid audience-naps with John’s signature engagement and laughs!

As one of the highest ranking speakers in the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and active facilitator at the NeuroLeadership Institute, John helps instill confidence and certainty in event-planners looking for that “extra guarantee” and energy in their next keynote speaker…

Organizations across the world continue to hire him again and again (and again!) because of his highly sought after ability to captivate, motivate and inspire audiences from all walks of life: averaging a resounding 4.5/5 on his post-event evaluations.

Your only task? Decide which area of your organization you want to see the most progress in, and leave it up to John to find a way to leave your group noticeably empowered for months to come!

John Edwards is a captivating speaker...

...whose commanding stage presence and inspiring vision makes him a standout in the leadership development field. ... I had the opportunity to observe first-hand, as John delivered dynamic development sessions designed to keep attendees active and engaged. John Edwards enlightens participants with a healthy dose of humor and expertise.

B. Lanni, Event Professional

B. Lanni

The laughter, the leadership your team needs right now…

John builds on the science of "feel good behaviors" – he knows that happy brains flooded with dopamine and serotonin are engaged brains. Audiences can't help but lean in, pay attention and 'accidentally learn something' when John is speaking. It's also why he's often voted the most memorable speaker at events and conferences.

Through relatable humor and colorful storytelling John transforms tense topics into valuable opportunities for organizations to shift their teams towards greater resiliency, effectiveness and success.

His most requested topics include: resiliency, change leadership, inspirational leadership, ethical influence in the workplace, workplace culture.

Felix Friedman

John has reached incredible mastery in his ability to teach...

...he seamlessly was able to ensure that the audience absorbs and masters the material without even realizing it. His style of teaching is deliberate and yet appears entertaining. He easily is able to take his audience from serious concentration to humor, to collaboration, and finally, to mastery of the material... you get tangible results within minutes and long-lasting impact within hours.

F. Friedman, Lead Architect at Vanguard

Virtual presentations to an international audience weekly

Almost half a million people inspired...

Approximately 70-75 presentations given every 6 months

More than 187,373.14159 laughs…

3-12 compelling stories in every presentation

5/5 ratings for 5 years at the Center for Leadership Excellence!

John Speaking

John shows you how Neuroscience & Leadership can transform your organization (today)

John’s workshops, speeches and seminars are built around your company's needs to drive the results leadership teams are struggling to lock-in on.

He dives DEEP into corporate cultures to identify key areas of immediate improvement, winning audiences over with his magnetic energy and [25] years of experience using neuroscience as a powerful tool for change management.

“It's important to have facilitators like John, that explain very complex topics with great enthusiasm and practical ways to apply it, so it comes alive and changes reality.”

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A master-trainer who trains other trainers

John served as my coach and professional speaker mentor for approximately one year. Possessing an abundance mentality, John generously shared his wealth of knowledge of and experience in the speaking industry with me. As a master-trainer who trains other trainers, John is, well, masterful. He has a commanding presence when he presents, and he is able to quickly and easily captivate any audience. I highly recommend that you consider him for your next event.

Michael K. Jackson, Emotional Resilience & Well-Being Strategist, Inspirational Speaker and Author

Michael K. Jackson

Work with John Today

John is an expert in change leadership, culture, and leadership development. He speaks to audiences from around the world on the principles necessary to motivate and facilitate long-term success.

World Class Speaker

Over 25 years of experience speaking internationally, working with some of the largest companies in their respective fields. John receives glowing reviews at every event and has been recognized for his ability to help shift “the corporate needle”–what will he shift for you?

Mentor & Coach

Take the lead in your own speaking career and join the ranks of other successful graduates of the “Eddy Speaker Institute” to get top rankings in your next events too! John’s mentorship style is encouraging, insightful and results-driven!

Certified Virtual Presenter
Certified Speaking Professional
National Speakers Association Professional Member
L. Knochen-Davis

...make him one of the tops in the industry.

I have worked with John Edwards on several projects and was constantly impressed with his ability to execute successful programs that meet management's goals while motivating program participants. His enthusiastic style, expertise, and concern for program effectiveness clearly make him one of the tops in the industry.

L. Knochen-Davis, Former Executive Director of the Broome County Arts Council and SUNY Broome Faculty

Prevent the “Quiet Quitting” trend from leaking into your organization

You know that feeling when your employee is just going through the motions and you can tell they've already checked out? That's called quiet quitting and it's the workplace equivalent of ghosting.

But don't worry, there's a way to prevent it! John will use contemporary research, best practices and neuroscience to teach on the importance of positive emotions, effective communication, and building a sense of community in the workplace, these would help to engage employees and prevent disengagement.

Prevent the "Quiet Quitting" trend from leaking into your organization

John helps draw a very clear line between mindset, expectations and cognitive biases that may be costing your organization millions of dollars (unknowingly!) He works with you to address the impact of personal, emotional and social intelligence in the workplace and why it will ultimately give you the competitive edge.

The easiest decision you’ll make this year

The easiest decision you’ll make this year

The key difference between your organization and the ones that have already hired John? They have a plan of action backed by an engaging, informative and unforgettable experience that helped them shift their trajectories for years to come.

Invite John to help educate and empower your audiences through his highly energized and fully customizable keynote speeches, presentations and programs. Open the door to innovation, and John will guide the way…

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