How to Self-Program For Positive Outcomes

How to Self-Program For Positive Outcomes
How to Self-Program For Positive Outcomes

Self-Programming    n If you are anything like the majority of Americans, you’ve been exposed to an onslaught of reports and statistics that paint a disturbing contemporary social pattern.  It is an illustration of innocent kids being killed and armed robbers winning lawsuits against their victims who injured then.  It is an illustration of ethnic cleansing, music advocating violence against others, tourists being targeted for crimes and an array of corporate and leadership ethic violations.  This information invades our souls first thing in the morning and persists until our evening “dream-time.”

This Blog will be your counter attack.  It will be designed to address our potential to stand tall in the face of continuous bad news.  To emerge from a sea of depression and realize that we do have the ability to direct our lives to a more positive focus.  It is imperative that we realize that this continuing cancer of ethical regression is not necessarily the guide we want to use to dictate our moods, attitudes and outlook.  My friends, we hope to use this opportunity to give you insight into research and revelation that will show you ongoing strategies to maintain a positive mental attitude in your lives.  We hope to share motivation, inspiration and information on how you can accomplish goals and have a good day, all day, almost every day.

The first step however, is to recognize the weeds in our backyard before we can replant the grass.  Someone once said, “A (person) seldom knows what he can do until he tries to undo what he did.”  We’ve spent too much time absorbing bad news that we begin to visual bad outcomes.  Accept negative circumstance and we, in essence, convince ourselves that we are powerless to affect outcomes.n

In this series of articles, we will see a focus on either leadership development, communication skills or how we can reprogram ourselves to keep our perspective positiven

Much like a software programming, if you input negative data, you will surly output negative results.  We must first start with an activity of the mind, which manifests itself through attitude, and subsequently through action thereby leading to results.

I once read that “having the right aim in life does not mean a thing if you’re loaded with blanks.”  My intention is to take the time to replace the blanks with positive ammunition.  It is possible to have a good day amidst bad news, stressful calendars, lack of accomplishment and lack of vision.  First we must replace the negative images with positive ones.  Second we must identify personal goals and a game plan by which they must surely be accomplished.  Then it will be necessary to share with you the secrets on how to construct a game plan that will inevitable guarantee your ability to achieve what you need to achieve and do it with a smile.  Remember, “it is a great deal better to do all the things you should do than to spend the rest of your life wishing you had.”

May you keep smiling till we meet again.

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