Revitalizing Workplace Wellness

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We are constantly attempting to navigate the wild waters of the workplace.  Looking for the latest statistics and innovations.  Now, before you dive into your emails and drown in deadlines, let’s take a moment to ponder something important… while wellness programs are super-important at helping us try to manage existing stress, what should I be doing to build up my brain muscles today for the onslaught of stress that is coming tomorrow? 🤔

Did you know that according to a study by the Harvard Business Review, only 24% of employees actually participate in workplace wellness programs? That’s right, despite the best intentions of HR departments everywhere, it seems like employees need something else to keep them from drowning in the pit of overwhelmedness.  Yup… it’s a real word. So here is an idea I recently came across. Research conducted by the Corporation for National and Community Service found that 75% of volunteers reported feeling physically healthier after volunteering. Plus, a study published in BMC Public Health revealed that volunteering is associated with lower rates of depression and increased life satisfaction.

Think about it – instead of staring blankly at a screen during an action movie marathon, you could be out in the world helping those in need and spreading joy like confetti at a surprise party. Whether it’s serving meals at a local shelter, cleaning up a neighborhood park, or simply lending a hand to a neighbor in need, volunteering not only benefits others but also boosts your own well-being in ways that an unused yoga room simply can’t compete with.

C’mon, you know, there’s nothing quite like the warm fuzzies you get from knowing you’ve made a positive impact on someone else’s day. It’s like hitting the jackpot of feel-good moments, except instead of cash, you’re rewarded with genuine smiles and heartfelt thank yous.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering how to refill your cognitive capacity with positivity, think about how you can get out and help others. Who knows, you might just discover that true well-being isn’t found in a perfectly executed sun salutation, but rather in the simple act of lending a helping hand. You will be able to read more about how to fill your cognitive capacity in my upcoming book called Build Your Best Brain.  Of all of my books, this is the one I have been the most excited to write.  It is based on one of my most successful presentation topics, and we will share the secrets of how to prepare your brain today for the stuff that will hit the fan tomorrow.  You can pre-order a copy and get a nice discount (just ‘cus I like you) at the link below. But the offer is only good for a very short time.

Until next time, keep spreading laughter, kindness, and just a hint of mischief wherever you go!

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