Speaker Assessment Booklet

Take the next step in your journey to learn the secrets of overcoming presentation barriers.

Would you like to feel more confident the next time you present to co-workers?

This short and effective booklet focuses on building your strengths and improving in the areas of Knowledge, Fear, Preparation, and Experience.

Packed full of tips...build your confidence and expertise as a speaker in minutes!

In this booklet, you will learn about:

✔️ Conquering Fear
✔️ Building Knowledge
✔️ Gaining Experience and Practice
✔️ The Importance of Training in Public Speaking
✔️ A Structured Path to Success

Wow - and you get all of this for ONLY $7

Speaker Assessment Booklet cover (3)

What People Are Saying

John has reached incredible mastery in his ability to teach.

He seamlessly was able to ensure that the audience absorbs and masters the material without even realizing it. His style of teaching is deliberate and yet appears entertaining. He easily is able to take his audience from serious concentration to humor, to collaboration, and finally, to mastery of the material... you get tangible results within minutes and long-lasting impact within hours.”

Smiling Felix Friedman, supporting John Edwards as one of the best motivational speakers you can hire!

Felix Friedman
Lead Architect at Vanguard

"I have worked with John Edwards on several projects and was constantly impressed with his ability to execute successful programs that meet management's goals while motivating program participants.

His enthusiastic style, expertise, and concern for program effectiveness clearly make him top in the industry."


L. Knochen-Davis
Former Executive Director of the Broome County Arts Council and SUNY Broome Faculty

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