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Eddy Speaker Institute

Learn from some of the top-rated Master Trainers in the world on how to improve your public speaking skills and stage presence!

Using neuroscience and adult learning principles, we have helped hundreds of leaders and speakers move to the next level of effectiveness with the way they impact audiences.

The Speaker Institute is for professional speakers who want to move to the next level of audience impact.

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You Will Get Results That Accelerate Your Success!

I found your presentation to be the most useful and immediately applicable compared to every other person who has spoken at the (Speakers) academy. Absolute gold mine.

Michael Akbar, VP at YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services

Michael Akbar, VP at YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services shares John's role as a Speaker Coach

The Power is in Your Presence

Using the power of research and data, we will provide powerful and personalized tips to help improve "how you show up."

Professional Public Speaking

Want to get paid to speak? Want to get paid more than you are currently?  From group classes to individual coaching, we have helped speakers and trainers from around the globe.  We take you from where you are to where you want to go.

Keynote Speaking

The power in your keynote is in you.  We help you to use your stories and your personal experiences as a catalyst to ignite change in your audience.  We cover the three "must-have" aspects of a successful Keynote Speech.

Individual Coaching

Years of working with people who are filled with the fear of public speaking has enabled us to develop effective methods to lead you to success.

The Power of Storytelling

Techniques that are specific to improving your ability to maximize storytelling as an effective form of communication.  Applicable to both business, training and keynote presentations, these practices are sure to help you captivate your audience from the moment you say, "hello."

Multiple Formats

Our services and training are available in multiple formats.  Group classes, individual sessions, in-person or virtual.  Our experience spans multiple methods, countries, and tools.

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Michael K. Jackson shares how John F. Edwards leads as a Speaker Coach.

A master-trainer who trains other trainers...

John served as my coach and professional speaker mentor for approximately one year. Possessing an abundance mentality, John generously shared his wealth of knowledge of and experience in the speaking industry with me. As a master-trainer who trains other trainers, John is, well, masterful. He has a commanding presence when he presents, and he is able to quickly and easily captivate any audience. I highly recommend that you consider him for your next event.

Michael K. Jackson, Emotional Resilience & Well-Being Strategist, Inspirational Speaker and Author

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