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John F. Edwards has over 30 years of international experience as a leader, speaker, facilitator and consultant– working with some of the largest companies in their respective fields.

A powerful thought-leader and presenter, he provides training and guidance to teams, leaders, and organizations during critical points of economic and strategic challenges. He is often rated as the strongest and most impactful speaker at conferences.

John’s keynote speeches, programs and workshops energize crowds and ignite change within organizations…

Trust in the results of his most POPULAR PROGRAMS or work with John one-on-one to build a custom solution that makes your next event “the one that people can’t stop talking about”.

This is your chance.
Raise the bar.
Be the Hero who helps others.

The laughter, the leadership your team needs right now…

John builds on the science of "feel good behaviors" – he knows that happy brains flooded with dopamine and serotonin are engaged brains. Audiences can't help but lean in, pay attention and 'accidentally learn something' when John is speaking. It's also why he's often voted the most memorable speaker at events and conferences.

Through relatable humor and colorful storytelling John transforms tense topics into valuable opportunities for organizations to shift their teams towards greater resiliency, effectiveness and success.

His most requested topics include: resiliency, change leadership, inspirational leadership, ethical influence in the workplace, workplace culture.

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“Shift Leadership”

Give your leaders an opportunity to drop bad habits, adopt new ones and step up to the plate so they can guide your organization the way you know they’re truly capable of…

“Going Up is about Showing Up” Photo of a busines leader speaking to smiling coworkers in a talent development presentation.

“Going Up is about Showing Up”

Great Leaders know this: Innovation, High Performance and Efficiency rest on them being able to manage setbacks, chaos and disruption in the workplace while somehow also balancing their teams’ need for motivation, inclusion, psychological safety and diversity of thought. Let John show you the path through the woods and surefire strategies to keep your leaders moving their team forward (‘even when ** hits the fan’).

“The Art of Change Leadership: A Roadmap” A diverse group of coworkers engaging in talent development activities around their respective desks.

“The Art of Change Leadership: A Roadmap”

Learn how to leverage ‘the constancy of change’ and develop a sense of organizational immunity to the chaos that usually follows in its wake. Unravel best-kept secrets from years of helping other companies navigate their own “chaos points” and say goodbye to the ambiguity of change-management.

“The Neuroscience of Executive Presence” image of a hand holding a hologram of a human brain, emphasizing the role of brain science in talent development.

“The Neuroscience of Executive Presence”

Growing your authority, presence and leadership within an organization requires consistency and can be done with increasing authenticity. Become a stand-out leader in any environment by integrating the science of executive presence and ‘set it on autopilot’ to see measurable shifts in the years to come.

“Foster Resiliency”

Teams and organizations are only as good as their weakest link. When you invest in resiliency you’re investing in that invisible net that will either help carry or drag your teams down…

From Stress to Strength: Using Neuroscience to Enhance Your Resilience. Image of a brain icon made of lights in front of a hand, metaphorically demonstrating talent development.

“From Stress to Strength: Using Neuroscience to Enhance Your Resilience”

Our brains are constantly bombarded by challenges, changes, and conflicts. This program helps build better daily habits that boost greater cognitive capacity for you and your teams.

“Did Anyone Else See That Bus That Hit Me?!” Image of a person with a book covering their head, head down on desk, showing importance of paying attention to your team in talent development.

“Did Anyone Else See That Bus That Hit Me?!”

Catch a glimpse into why successful people fail, and learn how to avoid it. Adopt the skills you need today to thrive tomorrow (and watch out for those buses that seem to be taking everyone else out!).

“Lean into Success: 3 Secrets for Challenging Times” A team around a laptop in front of a window cheering, the camraderie aspect of talent development.

“Lean into Success: 3 Secrets for Challenging Times”

Reframe, Refocus, and Reconnect. Give your brain (and your team members!) the advantage they need during stressful, volatile and challenging times. Learn how to lean into success and outperform the competition with these hidden strategies.

“Find their edge”

Thriving is where businesses and people do best but we don’t get there by simply wanting it: draw on science and Johns’ expertise to give you the unfair advantage…

“Brain B.O.O.T Camp: Nurture your brain, optimize performance”

“Brain B.O.O.T Camp: Nurture your brain, optimize performance”

Optimize performance and develop better problem-solving abilities with these four key areas (“B.O.O.T”). Unleash a fury of innovative thinking across your organization by showing them how to nurture their brains and make a measurable difference.

“Tomorrow Success rests on what you do TODAY”

“Tomorrow Success rests on what you do TODAY”

Get front row for these dynamic success strategies that can set your team up to operate with clarity and purpose regardless of what challenging times lay ahead. Increase focus, clarity and camaraderie through proven psychological principles, relatable examples and actionable insights.

John has a large variety of speaking topics- if you want something specific that is not listed here, feel free to reach out to discuss your ideal topic with us, we are happy to assist. Email us at

Peace of mind: John gets bored during “long drawn out talks” too…

He made an oath to never make another crowd suffer the same way he did as an unengaged listener. John’s presentations focus on leveraging the crowd’s energy levels and specific sense of humor to tell stories, educate and win-over even the {grumpiest} of participants.

More than
laughs per year (and growing!)

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Organizations love the results John gives so much they often hire him back several times a year. Make your event one of his next destinations by Booking A Call or sharing your details below.

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