Start With Gratitude

Start With Gratitude

In my recently published book, Break The Bad- How to Develop Effective Habits, I discuss the significance of developing a “mindset of gratitude.”  Here is an excerpt from the book, and I hope this will encourage you to develop a mindset that will positively change the way you view your world.

Start With Gratitude

“There are always things that can be improved.  Those who experience the most success are also those who have a mindset of gratitude as their foundation.  A mindset of gratitude means that you actively work to regularly recognize the many things already in your life for which you are grateful.  Therefore, before we start, we must recognize that the power of gratitude enables you to approach personal behavior change with a completely different way of thinking.  A way of thinking that reduces the stress in the process, accelerates your personal drive for positive outcomes, and dramatically reduces your risk of failure. 

In the words of a popular board game, “Do not pass go!”  Stop here and do a mindset check relative to how you are thinking about personal change.  If you do not already have a mindset of gratitude, commit yourself to focus first on this task.   Start by making a list of the things you are most grateful for and spend dedicated time each day focusing on that list.  A few minutes of reading the list once or twice a day will be powerful.  When you find yourself talking to others more and more about the things you are thankful for, then you will know you are developing a grateful mindset.  When you find yourself more focused on gratitude for what you have versus regret over what you do not have, then you will know you are ready to break the bad habits and develop more desirable good habits.”

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